Dedicated to succeed

There’s more to manage at an office coffee service (OCS) business than ever before. And when things aren’t going smoothly, it’s concerning. After all, you have a lot on the line. I get it; you need to improve your business. That’s why I became a business consultant – to help other leaders build their businesses to succeed for years to come.  I can help you increase revenue and profits, improve operations, attract new clients, recruit great people, and fix recurring issues. Looking to buy or sell an OCS business? I can guide the entire process. Or, maybe you want to sell one day, but you’re not sure how to get the best offer. I’ll help you prepare to sell and ensure your business is more than ready when that day arrives. Finally, I can help develop your team’s skills by teaching a variety of topics. Whatever you need, we can navigate it together.


Get the facts

Born and raised in Mt. Prospect, IL, a suburb of Chicago, I was the third oldest of eight children in my family. At 16 years old, I landed my first job working full-time at a coffee service business while attending high school. I filled orders, unloaded trucks, and fixed coffee machines in the warehouse. By 18, I was leading a sales team and completing office duties. In addition, I took classes at night after work. 

Over the next 26 years, I held every role possible in the business. In 1999, I purchased a coffee service business with a partner, and it doubled in revenue over five years. We sold the company, and I became part of a startup that eventually sold to a corporate entity in 2012. That’s when I closed the door on 39 years among independent operators to join the corporate world. Over the next nine years, I built the branch’s revenue up 20 times pre-acquisition levels, gained experience managing national accounts, and participated in many acquisitions. Also, I helped others improve their branch and became a training ground for teams nationwide to learn best practices and processes.

Finally, a year and a half into the pandemic, it was time for my career to pivot again. I left corporate to help other business owners conquer daily challenges, and Orrin Huebner, Business Consultant, was founded. Nothing makes me happier than helping you build long-term success in your business. So, let’s get to work today!

Making a Difference in the Workplace

The highlight of my career was developing a partnership with an organization focused on the needs and rights of individuals with disabilities. Or, as I like to say, those with different abilities. I was fortunate to hire nine extraordinary people trained in office, warehouse, and pantry attendant skills. This experience ignited my desire to help businesses take the next step to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for all.  

Now for the Fun Stuff

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a sports lover at heart. I’ve played softball most of my life, love to exercise, and often run around my neighborhood on nice days. I enjoy watching any sporting event, especially if one of my grandchildren is playing! Being from Chicago, I am an avid Cubs fan through thick and thin. My wife, Debby, and I have shared 42 wonderful years together, and we have two children and five grandchildren.

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